Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 18

The most annoying gangster award has to go to the Blacks. I can't stand listening to bloods or crips talk! Here's an example of an overheard blood conversation, "Nah blood, listen blood, it was like this blood. You see... Blood just showed up outta nowhere blood, and BLOOD! He was like, who got a problem with the homie Shawn? And then I was like, WHAT BLOOD!? Then blood... etc." Now replace all the "bloods" with "cuz" and you have a crip conversation... LMAO! WTF!? Whenever they talk, 90% of their sentences are either "blood "or "cuz" FUCKING LAME!

Anyway, oh shit. This Mexican dude just got here and I guess he found out his wife was hooking behind his back. So he said he slapped the shit out of her and she fell and hit her head and died! Then he panicked and took her body somewhere and burnt it on fire! Anyway, this guy is like a straight immigrant, quiet little dude, super nice. I feel bad for him! I mean what husband wouldn't slap their wife if he caught her being a hooker? Poor guy didn't mean to kill her. I believe him! But anyway, now he's fucked! I'unno, "criminals" are more often regular people who just fuck up, as I'm finding during my time here. Very few have I met here that are just straight monsters. Anyway, I'm really fucking sick of being here,  fuck! I'm bored as shit and this place is just so pointless. Fucking irritated. I just wanna go home and get on with things. Miss training so much! I fuckin' dream of training. I need sex bad too! I don't think I have ever gone more than a month without it since I first got some at 13! This is torture! LOL! Fuck!

I just got a new celly too and he's laying there snoring as I'm writing this... I hate living with strangers. If I ever had to do a really LONG sentence and in turn, didn't care about getting in more trouble, I think I'd just smash everyone they sent to my cell so I could always live alone! LOL! I really miss my privacy. I wish we could have pets in here. I keep dreaming of cats, dogs, ferret, and the other night a gargoyle! lol! Pet gargoyle would be sick! Anyway, remember that lil' female deputy that was attacked? I heard she got a year vacation from work, PAID!! That's sick! She didn't get injured so I think the attack worked out in her favor! Sounds fucked up but shit, I think anyone would take a punch for a year paid vacation! Man I love Genghis Khan! I know I'm jumping around a lot so please forgive me, but he is badass. I've been reading about him a lot! You guys should read Conn Iggulden's 3 book series on him. DO IT!!
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